Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Market

Today was the first farmer's market of the season in Woodstock, and although there aren't many local fruits and veggies available this early in the season, we still made out great, picking up local greens, radishes, meat, eggs, cheese, bok choy, and bread. Everyone was super friendly and happy to be outside (it's been raining a lot recently), and it is really nice to break up the routine of house projects a few times a week and just get out. By the way, is it just me or do farmer's market vendors seem to be some of the most relaxed, happy looking people around? I imagine it's tough to be a small farmer these days, but all the market vendors had ear to ear genuine smiles.

In other news, we assembled the second picnic table today and started on the murphy bed for the downstairs bedroom. Earlier this week we locked down a supplier for the hemlock wood we'll be using to build a pergola in the yard as well, so we now have most of the projects on our To Do Before The Wedding list underway. Still to do:

1) Finish the murphy bed
2) Paint the windows
3) Install an insulated door to the patio
4) Install remaining baseboards
5) Figure out additional lighting

1) Clean & seal the slate tile in the bathroom (the 10 day wait for the grout to "set" is about over, so we'll be cleaning the tile this week!)
2) Install the glass shower door and wall
3) Install the toilet
4) Install the vanity/sink
5) Install the light fixture & mirror over the vanity
6) Build a small partition wall
7) Paint and hang wall cabinet
8) Build a storage shelf

Covered Porch
1) Frame out and install 6 windows
2) Install wood siding
3) Figure out something for the floor (slate tile again? do we really want to do that to ourselves?)

Yard/House Exterior
1) Build a pergola
2) Finish painting lattice under the deck
3) Finish rock retaining wall and plant kitchen garden
4) Fencing for kitchen garden
5) Arbor for garden near barn
6) Build 1 more picnic table
7) Some landscaping in the front of the house

... plus a ton of other small projects here and there, and of course we have a list twice as long for projects after the wedding. You know what? I love it though! It feels so good to be productive. I only wish we weren't such novices at every single thing. We could move a lot faster and avoid the learning curve that results in less than professional finishes sometimes. Oh well, that's all part of the process. Think we can get all of this done before the end of September? Four months left!


  1. Beautiful pictures from the farmer's market! I especially like the radish bunches :)

  2. Wow! Your list makes me tired and inspired! I am very impressed with your DIY ability! Keep up the good work and keep taking pics of the progress. =)

  3. Donna, the radishes were my favorite too! I ended up buying the bunch with assorted colors/types shown in the photo. Only $2 too!

  4. Thank you Anne! Sometimes I can't believe we are trying to do all of this :)

  5. I live in Florida now, but my Mom's family was from Woodstock, and I spent many happy times there growing up. Thanks for bringing back some nice memories!

  6. Yes, thanks for the photos. I went to high school in Woodstock and it's great to see all those local vendors set up on the Green!

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