Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to Malagash

Hello everyone! I'm starting off the blog with a peek into our new property on Malagash Road in the beautiful Reading, Vermont. We've been at the house full time for about a month now, and are spending our days working on house projects, exploring the area, and generally relaxing. I'll be posting pictures & descriptions of our projects soon, so stay tuned.

Image above: The front half of the property, aka "the field". A stream runs down the middle of the field between the two tall birch trees and meets up with a river at the bottom of our road. The structure on the bottom left is an insulated barn workshop, soon to be the headquarters for my etsy shop Little Dog Vintage. That's Josh in the middle of the field sitting by the fire pit. We have big plans to eventually cultivate the far end of the field and grow much of our food there. The mountain in the distance is Mount Ascutney.

View from our deck in late early spring. Many of the trees are still bare and the grass is just starting to turn green.


This stone wall serves as our property line, but was originally built for running sheep up and down the mountain. We've been pilfering rocks off the top to use for a stone retaining wall we are building as part of a kitchen garden.

Blackberries and raspberries picked from our yard. It seems the bears enjoyed the berries as well, as we found new bear droppings almost every morning near the bush.

Our summertime meal/hangout table. Riley enjoys looking out on the yard as we eat.

View of the house from the driveway below the field. An old apple tree sits in the middle. We are currently working on staining the deck on the upper level of the house and have plans to redo the bottom level to add a green house/enclosed patio space. Our woods behind the house go back about 5 acres before opening up to thousands of acres of forest preserve.