Monday, March 10, 2014


Over the past few months I have been dealing with some personal changes that culminated in my moving back to Boston last week. At some point I may be at a place where I can share more about it, but for now I hope you can all forgive me for taking a break from the blog while I regroup and heal. My shop remains open and will probably be more important for me than ever.

The most sincere thank you goes out to everyone who has followed, commented, or connected in any way along this journey. In many ways, the blog has kept me going over the past year and a half. It truly and honestly makes my day each time readers reach out to share in my world, and I am so honored by the little glimpses many of you have given me into yours. I hope that will continue once I regain my footing and come back to this space.

Stay in touch, and hope to see you back here soon --