Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vintage Japanese Lantern Christmas Lights

While I certainly do not intend to write a dedicated post every time new items are added to the shop (that would get old and obnoxious pretty fast), I may post from time to time when something really special crosses my path.

Yesterday I came across these beautiful vintage glass Japanese lantern lights and for some reason I am just smitten with them. Each bulb is hand painted with a different design, and when illuminated they give off the nicest glow. The bulbs are even textured to replicate the look of the paper and wood accordion structure of a real Japanese lantern.

The bulb threads are the same size as standard Christmas lights, so they can easily be swapped in on an existing string. I was tempted to keep them for myself, but at the same time couldn't wait to photograph and display them in the shop. I am hoping someone who loves them as much as I do snatches them up and proudly displays them over a window, mantle, or tree.


  1. Love these lights. Are they still available, and if so at what price? I can be reached at

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