Friday, March 1, 2013

Maple Sugaring, Day 2

Today we collected about 10 gallons of sap from our buckets and boiled them in a large pot over the wood burning stove in the barn. As the sap evaporates, we add more, a little as a time, so as not to loose the boil. It smells absolutely wonderful as it cooks. Our 10 gallons has boiled down to about 3 gallons now. We'll let it sit over night, then resume again in the morning with the boiling and gathering. It sure is a lot of work to produce a small amount of syrup. I understand now why the good stuff so expensive. I hope it's worth it in the end!


  1. Soooo, next winter, I'd like to make a reservation as a free laborer... and maybe we can make these?

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