Thursday, May 2, 2013

Five Proofs of Spring

1. The birds have begun building nests under our porch eaves. It's hard to get good photos, as the birds move so fast and won't come around if I am standing on the porch, but I was able to snap this shot through the window from inside the house. Can you make out the little twig in the bird's mouth?

They appear to be at the beginning stages of building three or four nests. The nests are mostly dirt and moss at this point.

2. The grass is finally green! Well, sort of. Large patches are still brown, but they will come around in the next few weeks.

3. We're bringing seedlings outside. It's finally warm enough to bring them out without shocking the plants, so today we lined our young tomato plants up on the porch for a little sunning. I like to think of them as a row of ladies on the beach sunning themselves.

4. A number of bulbs and other yellow flowers in our yard are starting to bloom. I never realized what a mood lifter flowers are until this year!

5. We can work outside. Josh has been digging a second garden plot along with a number of holes for five magnolia and dogwood trees we ordered from Arbor Day. Fern is a good lady, and hangs out in the grass with Josh while he works. Riley, on the other hand, slips off to the neighbor's house every time we turn our backs to taunt the dogs behind their fence. That little sneak.

Hope you are all enjoying beautiful spring weather. What are the markers that make it finally feel like spring to you?


  1. Riley and his attitude. Can't wait to see more garden!

  2. LOVE your blog, particularly the adorable animal posts. Keep up the gorgeous photography. :)