Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Storm After Storm

Like everyone else in the eastern half of the country, we've been slammed with storm after snow storm. If you are on the sunny west coast or some other mild climate, I hope you are soaking up the heat and laughing all the way to the beach as you read this. If you are in the thick of it like we are, I hope you are bundled up by a fire, taking a snow day and staying out of this mess! Please enjoy this sampling of shots from the eye of it.

Snow piled on the house, the garden taken over

Fields of snow

Brown and white, the winter palette

Snow banks have reached the barn windows

Rode out one storm at my weaving teacher's house

And loved the contrast of her sun porch garden against the snowy outdoors

Riley among the mounds

Deck view

3' composting bins just about buried
Birch branches against the winter sky


  1. It is crazy how much snow you have right now but just remember that those of us in the warmer climates will be 100% jealous of your beautiful Vermont summer very, very soon.

  2. Ditto, Jenny! We haven't had much of a winter in Las Vegas at all--the photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing them!