Friday, May 30, 2014

Love Letter to Boston

A family friend commented that my Instagram feed reads like a love letter to Boston, and I thought that was fitting. Sharing some Boston love from my feed on the blog today!

My condo downtown that I love to death. Coming back was so strange at first, but now it feels like a comfortable old shoe again.

I was at a Sox game during the marathon, and the energy was nuts when the jumbotron cut to the first runner crossing the finish line. Crying, hugging, cheering.

This was the first blooming tree of the season!  After this past winter, spring felt like an absolute miracle.

The Boston Marathon is just as inspiring now as it was the first time I saw it as a student 12 years ago. Support and good energy take over the entire city.

Riley and I have been taking long walks by the Charles River, which I had missed so, so much. Riley enjoys sunning himself on the dock :)

Oh, Boston Public Library, you are a gem. One could spend an entire day exploring the halls or reading in one of the beautiful study halls.

A day at the beach in Hingham with Riley and friends. Excellent rock and shell hunting was had.

Spotted this pair in Harvard Square. The entire scene is so fitting, from the argyle vest to the wire haired dachshund.

A grocery store across the street from my condo is
under construction. Folks, this is HUGE.

An old church downtown. Seems there's one more beautiful than the next on every corner. 

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