Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stove Piping and a Plow

This week's snow flurry, though light in our area, motivated us to take care of a few projects that must be finished before winter really sets in. We still need a flue hookup for the wood burning stove in the workshop and a snow plow for the truck.

The Stove
As previously mentioned, we will be using a wood burning stove to heat the workshop this winter. It's getting cold enough that spending an extended amount of time in the workshop without heat is not feasible, so hooking up the stove is a priority. We bought a stove a few months back at a flea market, but the real challenge will be installing flue piping through the wall and up the back of the barn to ensure the smoke safely exits the building. Code requires the piping to extend a few feet above the roof of the barn, and because our barn is just over 20 feet tall Josh will be spending a decent amount of time on a very tall ladder.  As a safety measure, he's been slipping on his rock climbing harness and attaching it to the roof rafters while he works just in case the ladder slips. The whole thing makes me nervous, so I'll be glad when the installation is done and he is safe!

The Plow
Our house sits at the top of a hillside, and in addition to living on a class 3 road, we have a long, steep, gravel driveway. We are responsible to plowing a small portion of the class 3 road as well as our driveway, so needless to say a snow plow will be crucial. Snow plows are not only pricey, but require a bit of research before a purchase can be made. What kind of plow can your truck handle? How much snow will you be plowing? What kind of a mounting kit do you need? How will the plow be installed? We decided to go with a Fisher Homesteader plow and will hopefully have it installed by next week. Let's just hope we don't get a big storm before then!


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