Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Dog Goes to Brimfield, Part 2 + Todd Farm Flea Market

Brimfield in July is not what it is in the spring and fall. There are less vendors, less people, and generally less awesome stuff. It's still amazing and giant and overwhelming, but to be honest I didn't have much luck with bargains this year. The good thrifting happened on Sunday when I hit up Todd Farm. Below are a few shots from Brimfield Saturday plus Todd Farm Sunday.

Wood Buddha statue, Brimfield ↓

Chippy old toy car, Brimfield ↓

Alligator taxidermy, Todd Farm ↓
Chippy mint green metal chairs, Todd Farm & Brimfield (the same vendor was at both shows!) ↓
Desk with drawers, Todd Farm ↓
Very mod speaker set, Todd Farm ↓
Sewing table base with a rustic wood top, Todd Farm ↓
Buoys, Brimfield ↓
 And last but not least, Fern met her doppleganger at Todd Farm :) ↓

In other news, we are making at DIY hammock this week and I am going to share the step by step when we finish, so stay tuned for that! Happy Monday everyone!