Monday, October 15, 2012

Winter Heat

The heating system in our house is set up such that we can use either oil or a wood burning stove to heat the water tank and radiators. Both systems are in place in the basement, so it is just a matter of turning a few knobs to choose which to use for the season. We are currently on oil, but would like to try out the stove this winter.

Cord wood can be quite expensive, but there are so many fallen trees in the woods behind the house that Josh has decided to try splitting our own wood this year. He'll use the chain saw to cut a few fallen trees into sections, haul them out with the truck, then rent a splitter to cut the sections it into logs. So far he's cut one ash tree into large sections, and arranged a number of pallets next to our driveway where we can stack the cut wood.

There is also a large white oak in the woods with a base circumference of about 5' that fell a few years back but has not rotted. Josh has started sectioning it and we hope that between the two trees we will have enough cord wood to keep us going in the house and workshop for the winter.


  1. oh good luck! we plan to burn wood to help heat our house too. i have stacked countless face cords of wood now, and we're still in the building phase. but, not having a heating bill will be make up for all that work! i love the idea of using pallets for a stable base... much better than my impromptu sapling stringers.