Monday, December 3, 2012

What Our Winter Looks Like

The past few days have been our first on the property in "real" snow, and I was surprised by the way a layer of snow completely transforms the feeling of this place. Last week everything was brown, dry, and dreary. Today, every turn is a picture postcard scene. I hate to use a cliché, but the phrase winter wonderland gets right to the heart of it.

I took a little thrifting trip on Saturday, and as I drove to town, Route 106 looked like a road I had never traveled before. Christmas had arrived overnight. Twinkling lights and holiday wreaths adorned every house, chimneys piped soft smoke into the frigid air, and a soft powdery blanket of snow covered everything. Snow has turned our town into the quintessential Vermont winter scene.

At some point I will take photos of the town, as it is quite something to see this time of year, but for now images from Sunday morning's property walk will have to do.


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful pictures too!

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