Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Barn Update

As some of you may remember from this post, we had quite a bit of work to do in the barn. It needed a serious cleaning job, heating, and cabinetry before it could function comfortably as Little Dog Vintage headquarters. We've made a TON of progress over the past few months, and I wanted to share an update on the space. It is by no means finished, but is really starting to take shape!

Below is the original barn "To Do" list from the beginning of the summer.

  • Build storage cabinets with doors that seal shut to store shop merchandise
  • Clean and paint the walls & ceilings (we spent a whole day last week vacuuming spider webs and dirt off the walls in preparation for this)
  • Clean and paint the work bench that runs along the length of the left wall
  • Find a large slab of limestone to set the wood burning stove on (limestone will radiate heat from the wood burning stove) (We may or may not do this eventually. The space heats up just fine without it.)
  • Find flue attachments for stove & install
  • Insulate the wall behind the stove to avoid damage from heat (Installed the stove 3 feet away from the wall instead.)
  • Set up Internet in the barn (Using internet in the house for now, may extend the range to the barn eventually)
  • Install new ceiling lights (Not yet)
  • Clean and seal, stain, or paint the cement floors (Decided they are fine as is for now. We gave them a good cleaning.)
  • Have an electrician fix breakers in the electrical box (we are currently only getting power from one outlet)
  • Build photography setup: Make a table with wheels on the bottom out of an old barn door I found at the burn pile at the dump. This will be used as the base surface my my photographs. Buy a large piece of drywall and attach it to a rolling wall frame. This will be used as the wall background for my photographs. The whole setup will be able to roll around the workshop as needed to get the best light. (You can see the completed photo setup here.)
  • Set up computer, printer, packaging supplies, etc. (Keeping most of this in the house for now until we set up internet in the barn.)
  • For next year: paint the outside of the barn red with white trim (Still a next year project)

The cabinets along the wall store the vintage stock, and the top is a work space for projects and packaging. Wall shelves hold more stock, and my photography setup has found a happy home at the front of the barn where the natural light is best. Here are a few more shots...



 And finally the new workout area on Josh's side :)


  1. it looks fantastic... and such great light!

  2. Regina -- you may notice in the 6th picture down a small grey head peeping out of the light wood pencil caddy. That is the little soft sculpture bear I bought from your shop a few years ago. He's been keeping me company while I work :)

  3. Hi Claire! Thought i'd say welcome to the great white north! I just stumbled across your blog from the design sponge post. I moved up here this summer as well, on a bit of whim. It's definitely a weird decision- glad I'm not the only one! I live in Hyde Park now a little village north of Stowe where I work. Your workshop looks beautiful! I look forward to seeing more updates as you settle in!

  4. Hi, Some wonderful posts from your adventure,great pics and it seems you guys are doing really well. Here in England we just don't have the space to buy/live and have the same adventure or the costs are so so high, good luck and a fantastic area of the world, I hope to get back one day soon. regards Allan.