Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Basement Remodel Update

The room still looks pretty rough, but believe it or not we've made good progress on the basement remodel front over the past few weeks. The room looked like this only a short time ago.

During the week before Christmas Josh framed the walls and electrical box, and took down the closet wall to expand the room. This week we've started installing furrings on the ceiling (our wood beam ceiling will eventually be attached to the furrings) and purchased the materials for the radiator box, recessed lighting, and drywall install.

Over the next few weeks we hope to install the drywall, wood beam ceiling, recessed lighting, and radiator cover.

Image above: The framed walls, electrical box, and furrings. Image below: The area that once was a closet! French doors we found at a flea market will be sanded, painted, and installed on the empty wall to the right, opening up the space into the second bedroom.

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