Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bathroom Remodel Part 2

This morning the tub area was in the state shown above. Tub, drain, and bath spout plumbing still in. After removing the drain and cutting the spout plumbing, we struggled to remove the tub in one piece for about 20 minutes, but because it is flaked by walls on either end, we ended up cutting it in half to get it out.

After that it was easy as pie to pull out. We loaded it in the back of the truck and dropped it off at the dump an hour later. I'll tell ya, we were not sad to see that thing go. Some old appliances are charming, quality pieces worth keeping in tact to sell or donate, but this tub was most definitely not one of those pieces.

After the tub was out we did a bit of demo work on the tile.

And here's what it's looking like right now, after cleaning up the shards of tile:

The next step will be replacing the p-trap in the shower, filling the hole around it with a layer of sand, covered with gravel, topped with concrete. After the p-trap is finished we'll frame out the shower stall with a kit we found online, finally tiling it over. We are leaning toward white subway tile for the shower, similar to what they've done here:

Image source

For the floor, we found a slate company in Vermont that sells natural green/gray slate floor tiles cut to any size you like. Today I ordered 70 sq. ft of 9" x 12" tiles. Below are the samples they sent. We ended up going with the shade second from the right. They look a bit more green and less gray in person.

That's all for today! I'll be back next week with more on the bathroom. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with warm temperatures, Peeps, and lots of candy eggs :)


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  2. It seems that you've done a lot of work in this bathroom renovation project. How long did it take for you to finish it? I've seen your other posts regarding the project, but I didn't see any post about the final result. I hope that you were able to achieve what you wanted for the area! :)

    Paul Klassen @ The Pinnacle Group

    1. Hi Paul. As we are novices, it took us a long time to finish. Maybe about 5 months start to finish while we worked on a bunch of other projects simultaneously. Here is the post with the finished product!

  3. It's good that you invested your money in converting your porch into a covered one. It's certainly a wonderful feature in your home because you can stay there regardless of the weather. You won't be troubled about the heat of the sun or the soaking rain because you have a covered surface. Well, I assume that you're done with the renovation by now. I hope everything turned out well.

    David Larkin @ DAL Builders

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