Monday, July 1, 2013

Garden Update + New Raised Bed

The garden is roaring along. We've been getting tons of rain, and the plants are loving it. Below are a few photos of the garden along with the new raised bed we put in today. We filled it with a yard of topsoil picked up at the nursery, and next we'll add a layer of well rotted manure before mixing in one more yard of topsoil.

The lettuce, brussel sprouts, and kale are going gangbusters:

We planted pole beans, corn, and squash together, and the pole beans appear to be climbing inches per day:

The brussel sprouts are getting HUGE:

And the tomatoes are popping:

The only plants we haven't had luck with so far are the cantaloupe and pickling cucumbers. The cucs we put in too early and something ate a few of the cantaloupe. Possibly slugs. The fourth bed will be planted with salad greens, including arugula and mustard greens.

After the fourth raised bed has been planted, we'll turn our attention to the garden space planned for the area on top of the rock retaining wall. I finished the wall yesterday (yahoo!!!!) so it is now ready for a fencing/raised bed plan. More on that coming soon!


  1. so jealous of your garden! We have 4 raised beds, but I think since most seeds were planted a tad early- we have some large plots with only weed growth :( But great job!

  2. Your plants are lovely. I wonder if you've ever heard of a planting certain herbs that repel insects and animals next to your plants. I remember reading the book about 15 years ago...but I'm sure they're are others on the subject. Must nicer to use herbs than pesticides.

  3. Carol,

    Yes! Josh has been reading about this. I think he planted a few repelling plants -- maybe Marigold was one of them? I will have to ask him. Someone also told us a dish of beer is good for slugs. They are attracted to it and then fall in. Seems kind of cruel to me, though!