Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We've made decent progress on the covered porch remodel over the past few days. All of the windows on the front side of the porch now have rough framing, and this morning Josh removed the wood plank siding on the sections where it will need to be replaced to accommodate the windows.

We poured a cement step at the entry to the porch area, and are now waiting for it to dry. Eventually the step along with the cement slab and foundation will be covered in large blue stone pavers (at least that is the plan for now) and a stair railing will be added.

The pavers I have my eye on are similar to these, although I don't know if we'll be able to work with pavers this large. Ours may be smaller in scale.

I also finished priming/painting/razor blading one of the doors for the porch and the second one just needs razor blading on the window panes. I did not bother with painting the very bottom of the doors, as they will be trimmed an inch or so to fit the doorway space. I will touch them up at the end.

As usual, Riley and Fern were total slackers the entire time.

Useless :)

Tomorrow morning I am taking the train to New York City to hopefully finish designing/sewing my wedding dress with my friend Marie. It remains to be seen whether we can finish it in three days. Hopefully I'll return with a dress in hand, if not I need to figure something out in a hurry. I bought a cheapo backup dress, but I don't love it. Fingers crossed that Marie and I can pull this off. We've changed the design idea several times. I am now leaning toward something like the dress below but without the eyelet fabric. Totally plain, I know, but that's me :)



  1. Just found your blog, very exciting,
    good luck with your continuing adventure !!

  2. I love that wedding dress design--I think it's elegant and you will look lovely wearing it. You have a clean, polished look that is very pretty. Good look getting the dress done!