Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Starting

We're on the cusp of foliage season, folks, and the hillsides change by what seems like the hour.

Every morning we wake up to a few more turned trees on the hillside across from the house. The bright red trees are my favorite, and also the most rare.

The yellow trees are beautiful to stand under when the sun shines through the leaves.

Yesterday my friend Vanessa took me to one of the prettiest spots in our town, a dirt road lined with maple trees looking out over a grassy field and a long range view of Vermont and New Hampshire. I can only imagine how beautiful that spot will be in a few weeks when we've hit peak foliage. I didn't have my camera with me, but I snapped a few shots with my phone.

In other news, our 36" x 18" bluestone pavers for the covered porch arrived early this morning, and our next big project will be installing them.

We have been reveling in relaxation time and a break from house projects since the wedding, but we'll need to get these installed before it gets too cold to do that type of work outside. Lounging in front of the TV watching Salvage Dawgz marathons (new favorite show) and Homeland on Netflix has sure been fun, but we'll make one last push to get the covered porch project done in October. Stay tuned for that!


  1. That apple tree photo is wonderous! Love your dog too!
    Ahhh Autumn.........

    1. Thanks Susan! I love Autumn too...wish it lasted just a little longer!

  2. Thanks for those lovely photos! Can't wait to see your progress with the pavers!