Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bluestone Patio Install

This week we're finally tackling the bluestone paver install on our covered porch and house foundation.   Our pavers are quite large, at 36" x 18", and right off the bat we made a novice error by arranging them in a grid instead of two over one pattern. Doh! (slaps palm to forehead) Two over one is more pleasing to the eye and also more forgiving for errors, but we rushed to get started and did not stop to pay attention. Nonetheless, the patio will still be nice and I'm sure it will look great once the pavers have been grouted, creating a more even look. Here are a few pictures of our progress so far. We've almost finished the inside of the covered porch area (one row left) and then will move to the outside portion of the cement slab and the house foundation.

We use a 4" diamond blade on an angle grinder to cut the stones.

Here's what they look like installed on the floor. The last wood board will go up on the bottom once the tiling is complete, and after that we will insulate and finish the ceiling.

This angle shows the "yet to tile" portions under the door and beyond to the patio.

And I can't leave out a shot of our masonry "helper". He seems to know just how to get in the way while we are trying to get work done. He's constantly prancing under our feet as we transport heavy slabs, and yet I can't bring myself to kick him out. My heart is the mushiest of mush for this little dude.

Today we are headed to the hardware store to pick up tile sealer, more grout, and supplies for a porch railing. So much still to do! More pictures of the patio, railing, and finished ceiling to come (hopefully) soon!


  1. This is coming along very nicely...good job!

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