Saturday, October 5, 2013

Peak Foliage at Grasshopper Lane

Last week I posted a few iPhone photos of a new lookout spot we discovered in town on Grasshopper Lane. Grasshopper Lane is a quiet dirt road with a stretch of long range views all the way to New Hampshire. The iPhone didn't capture the scale of the view, so I went back this morning with my good camera to snap a few shots. Once again, photos do no justice to the place, but I had a lot of fun arranging the photos into the panoramic sequence above. The photos below are probably the best you will see from me for foliage this year. We're at peak this week, and there really isn't a prettier spot I can think of to photograph.


  1. Wow--it's so lovely, like a park. And so wonderful that there isn't a bunch of cars. You are living in a fairy land and thanks so much for the wonderful photos!

  2. Little dog surveying his kingdom...what greats snaps! I just love your sweet blog and all the great projects you and the hubby do.....

  3. Beautiful photos. Fall is my favorite season! The colors, crisp air and that zap of renewed energy it gives me. I didn't notice any Sumac in your shots and was wondering if you had those in your area. Here in MN, they are the first to change color..into red.

    1. We do have Sumac, but I guess there isn't much up on Grasshopper Lane. We have a ton of it in our yard -- I love the bright red color!

  4. fantastic photos, Claire! wish i could take a walk down Grasshopper Lane with you and Josh :). maybe next month when i'm up for a visit?? ox

  5. Yes, for sure! We will take you up there. You'll love it.