Saturday, September 20, 2014

American Field

Last Saturday we took a little trip out the American Field pop-up market on the Boston waterfront. American Field is a once a year show featuring all American made clothing, accessories, goods, and furniture. The show was chock full of hipsters, so thank goodness I happened to be wearing my plaid flannel shirt that day. I would have felt unbearably uncool otherwise.

The selection of goods was fantastic for a small sized show, with a concentration on great items for men. Trends included beautiful leather goods, handmade shoes, waxed canvas bags of all types, candles and tonics in manly scents, and camp-inspired clothing. Crafty cutesy markets don't do it for me, so I was psyched to see a more modern selection of goods. Below are a few shots from the show, enjoy!

Below, said stylish folk
Colorful moccasins from Itasca Leathergoods. I may still snatch up a pair of these, They were beautiful and the leather was so soft.
Handmade shoe demo booth from The Brothers Crisp
Artisan painted canoe paddles from Sandborn Canoe Co.
The market was held outside an industrial building on the waterfront. Someone was giving men's haircuts and shaves in the back of Ball and Buck's old F250 truck.

Hand tooled leather bracelet workshop


  1. That shoemaking is amazing. I wish I could have seen that!!!

  2. Oh My God! the shoes in this post are so so gorgeous! man those colors! i wanna go there right now and grab a few of these