Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today we took a little road trip to The Alchemist brewery in Waterbury, VT. My wonderful friends Bryan and Emily are getting married this weekend in Pennsylvania, and being the foodies/beer snobs that they are (E&B, love you guys), their wedding gift request was a case of Heady-Topper beer from The Alchemist.

Heady-Topper was recently named the #1 beer by beeradvocate.com, and since then has blown up. The brewery was totally packed when we showed up at noon on a Tuesday, and every guest was walking out with a case and a huge smile. Aside from the crowds, the brewery was unassuming and completely unpretentious. They even had a few home grown tomato plants in the front of the building. Very Vermont, I would say!

On our way back from the brewery we made a thrifting stop (obvs.) then checked out a winery in Montpelier to see about wine for our own wedding. We left with a case of Vermont made wine then made the obligatory stroll through the vineyard and took some photos.

We go back to work on the house tomorrow before heading to PA for Bryan and Emily's wedding this weekend. I'll be back on Thursday with a post on the kitchen garden if we can make photo-worthy progress. Until then!


  1. Hey Claire! It's Liz in PA. Where is the wedding in PA? If it's anywhere near Harrisburg, you guys should pop over for a quick visit, or better yet, you are welcome to use our third floor guest suite if you need a place to stay. We would love to see you and to meet Josh. We could show you all the projects we've done on our 100 year old Federal style house. And I bet Josh would love to see Bob's woodshop!!! Just a thought. Love your blog!!!!!

  2. Hi Liz! We are going to be in Easton, PA. I am staying with my friend whose parents live there and she is coming up from Virginia for the weekend to hang out with us. I know we need to get out to Harrisburg at some point to see your place! Miss you guys! Hi to everyone from me :)