Monday, September 9, 2013

My Salvaged Work Table

As mentioned in a post last week, we salvaged a pair of old metal table legs from the dump a few months ago, and this week added a table top and lower shelf using tongue in groove wood boards that were in our barn when we bought the house. Here's what the legs looked like when we pulled them out of the dumpster...

We chose a nice shade of sage green and gave the legs a fresh coat of paint.

I'm not sure exactly what the plates are on the bottom. They have slots to allow for angling. I'm guessing those are meant to attach to the underside of the table, but because I wanted to use the cross bars to support a lower shelf, we decided to turn them upside down. I'm thinking it could be neat to add wheels to the bottom at some point.

Next, Josh made a simple frame for the table top using 2x4s and put together the wood plank top.

Josh screwed the frame into the planks, added a bit of trim around the edge, then attached the tabletop to the painted legs. Finally, I sanded the wood then treated it with a waterproofing finish, and the table was done. The extra work space is already coming in handy, and all for the price of a can of spray paint, screws, and a few 2x4s. Salvage projects are the best!


  1. Great re-purpose and your big work space is amazing!

  2. This is awesome, and I think you have a future in refinishing furniture, then selling it, either on etsy or at your place. :)

  3. fan-flipping-tastic!!!
    And i am soooo jealous of all that work space...I am still sewing queen-sized quilts in my living room. not so fun.