Friday, June 21, 2013

A Loom of My Own

I've become increasingly interested in textiles over the past year, so this winter I found myself a weaving teacher and started the process of learning to weave on a loom. All was going well until the end of May when the loom I'd been using returned to a craft school for summer classes. I've been hunting for my own loom ever since, and today I'm happy to announce the purchase of my very own Tools of the Trade 48" floor loom!

The loom is solid wood and large, so getting it home on Wednesday was tricky, but I finally have it set up in a corner downstairs. It came with a warp board and a few other goodies I have yet to set up, but I've included some preliminary pictures here. I'm hoping to spruce my little weaving corner up over the next few months.

My weaving teacher is in New Hampshire for the week, but has agreed to come to our house and help me get started on this loom when she returns. I still might be able to weave the table runners I wanted to make for the wedding if my backordered blue yarn ever arrives!

Note: The green rug on the loom was woven by the seller's mother. It was the one and only piece ever woven on the loom.


  1. Lovely loom! Happy weaving!!!!

  2. what a thrill, so excited for you!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, our textiles teacher showed us a mini loom to demonstrate the original ways of making fabric and it was the hardest thing for us to figure out (we were attempting a houndstooth). I am so proud of you Claire! This is SUCH an amazingly fun (and complicated) skill!!!