Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gramophone iPhone Player

These days I don't often get very excited about shopping purchases for myself unless they involve an amazing thrift store find for $5 that I will get major use out of. You know, like a great piece of furniture or a super warm coat that will keep me toasty in the snow. But this week Josh and I splurged on a pretty sweet piece that we only bought because of the wedding, but which I think is going to be an awesome addition to the house long after the wedding is over.

Behold our new iPhone speaker/dock, that is completely cordless yet amplifies the music coming out of an iPhone through the horn of an honest to goodness antique Atwater Kent gramophone horn. The maker of these amazing contraptions has a little YouTube video to demonstrate how it works. Check it out:

This is perfect for our situation because we will be outdoors in a field where there is no power. It's a very small group, so there is no band or DJ. We are keeping everything low key, nothing too loud or distracting. For us the day is about visiting with family and having a good meal. A little bluegrass on the gramophone dock will be just about right. Can't wait for this  to arrive so we can try it out!

* If you'd like to see more players, head over to ReAcoustic on Etsy. They have a number of players at various sizes and price points. 


  1. I've just discovered your blog a few weeks ago (via your Etsy article) and am living vicariously through you! I am also an Etsy seller and would love to help you design a perfect wedding invitation!

    I tried to get blog posts by subscribing via email but it appears that you don't offer that?

  2. Hi Leslie, thanks for reading the blog! We already sent out our wedding invites, but thanks so much for offering! You can subscribe via email by entering your email address in the box on the right column of the blog called Follow by Email. It's right below the blog categories. Thanks!!