Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Week Via Instagram

↓ The second picnic table was assembled under the apple tree. It will live there full time after the wedding.

↓ We discovered tiny wild strawberries growing in the far field while we were doing yard work the other day. They are delicious!

↓ We started painting the lattice below the deck with brushes, but quickly realized this is a job for a sprayer. We'll ask about renting one next time we're at Home Depot.

↓ We added a simple arbor to the garden fence and planted Morning Glory climbing vines at the bottom of the posts. Morning Glory can grow up to 12 feet over the summer, so I am hoping it climbs to the top by the wedding. We also dug out a bed along the front of the fence and planted Moonflower plants, which produce huge white blossoms in the fall. I still want to get roses in there at some point.

↓ A good number of Garter snakes hang out near our barn. They used to startle me, and quite honestly creep me out, but I'm starting to like them and look forward to seeing them when I go to the barn to work. Garters eat bugs, so I appreciate that they are helping keep spiders & flies out of my work space. They used to immediately slink off when I'd come by, but recently they just hang out and don't move much. I guess we're coming to an understanding.

↓ The other day one of them crept around the barn door when I came by, then poked its head back around to look at me again. I quickly snapped this photo with my iPhone. Never thought I'd say it, but I found that snake kind of cute. Garters are truly more harmless and afraid of us than we are of them. I wouldn't go so far as to want a pet snake, but it's been nice to find that I can enjoy their presence around the yard. I mean just look at this guy :)

In other news, I found a loom this week and we are picking it up tomorrow! We've been busy today cleaning out a spot for it downstairs. Pictures to follow!


  1. Claire! That lil' snake is so cute!!!!!!!

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