Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Covered Porch Reno Home Stretch

The insulation has been installed, the ceiling boards have been primed and painted, and the ceiling is now IN. Earlier this week it was warm enough to finish sealing the bluestone floor pavers, so we are truly honestly in the home stretch now. Our electrician came this morning to add a ceiling socket inside the porch as well as a wall light outside the porch, and this light has been ordered for the ceiling.

Tomorrow ceiling trim and baseboards go up and we may even bring some furniture in. Exciting stuff! More pictures to come soon of all the progress, maybe even tomorrow. Can't wait to share the final product!


  1. What will the two of you do when you get all this done? :-) I have so much enjoyed reading about your adventures and the pics you post. If you could only send me some of your energy!

    1. We'll go back to work! We have taken a year off to work on the house, but once it is done Josh will start seeing chiropractic patients at the house and I will ramp up my vintage shop on Etsy :)

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