Thursday, November 7, 2013

It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better

While we attempt to finish the final projects under the covered porch (grouting, sealing and insulating the ceiling, etc.) we've covered the exterior in tarps to block rain water from entering the space. It's a classy look, this whole house-wrapped-in-a-trash-bag thing. After we put the tarps up, Josh and I turned to each other and said, "We should just leave it like this."

I am hoping to have the porch ceiling installed, foundation facade up, and bluestone sealed by the time the tarps come down, so that once they do it will be like a grand unveiling. Imagine the final scene at the end of a What Not to Wear episode where the shockingly fantastic makeover executed by a team of top notch hair, clothing, and makeup stylists is finally unveiled. It will be just like that, except with stone pavers, whitewashed ceiling boards, and a foundation facade.

Until then, you may see a few more pictures like this:

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