Sunday, December 8, 2013

Before & After: Covered Porch DIY Remodel

After a good 6 months of DIYing it, we've finally finished the covered porch remodel, or at least finished enough that the photos are worthy of sharing.  The covered porch space at our house started out as a concrete slab with rough plywood walls, open window holes covered with chicken wire, and a chain link door. The previous owner used the space as a dog kennel for two large dogs, and it showed. Here's what we started with:


Let's just say it wasn't the best.

Our plan was to add windows, doors, and walls, tile the floor with natural stone, and finally install a ceiling and lighting fixtures. Here's a small glimpse at a what happened along the way...


And now can I get a drum roll please?


And there you have it!

I don't think I can adequately convey here just how relieved we are to have this project finished. We may take a break from remodeling projects for a spell while we enjoy our finished spaces and non-construction zone house.

In the spring I would like to add a bistro-type table and chairs so that we can use it as a breakfast/coffee/newspaper reading spot in the mornings during warm weather. This porch is also adjacent to a guest bedroom, so when guests come they can use it as a private spot to hang out and relax. Who wants to come visit?!


  1. it looks fantastic, you both should be so proud. it takes a lot of vision to see a space for what it could be… and you did a beautiful job. now take some time off to enjoy it! xo

  2. Claire, all i can say is WOW! i've followed along with your project from the beginning, but to see the sequence of before and after photos is so impressive and mind boggling! what a wonderful space for you and Joshua :). Love, M.

  3. This looks excellent! love the t+g ceiling.

  4. Congratulations on this huge remodel! Dad and I are really impressed, and proud of all that you and Josh have accomplished! Love to you both...

  5. What a gorgeous space! Congrats to you both! Love the much light!
    I've been reading your blog now for several months and am so inspired by your projects and life style change! Thanks for sharing Claire!

  6. Wow, an amazing remodel! It looks so inviting, you must be so proud (and relieved it's done!).

  7. Congratulations to you both! I followed this blog to see how the home remodeling progressed.

    I am a Massachusetts porch and deck contractor and want to compliment you on your conversion.

  8. Wonderful! I think this is a great innovation. I’m sure we’ll be turning to the site for some home improvement tips when we move into our new house in the next few weeks.Donald

  9. Those large tiles look great on such space. They look sturdy, so I doubt any human traffic is going to wear them off. You have definitely made a great choice.

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