Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Night's Storm

Last night's storm more or less kicked our butts. It wasn't so much the amount of snow, but the heavy, icy, slippery, slushy quality of it that made plowing difficult. While plowing early in the evening, the truck became stuck at the bottom of the road and had to be pulled out by the neighbor's tractor. A few hours later on a second plowing run Josh became stuck again and this time left the car on the road and walked back up the hill. Today's goal is to either find chains for the tires or finagle some other way to finish the plowing.

Around 8 pm the power went out, so the rest of the evening was spent talking and reading by candlelight, which was admittedly nice even though internally I was worried about online orders for the shop and that need to be fulfilled today. Thankfully a surge of power and bright light in the bedroom woke me up around midnight. Showering and internet use is back on the docket for today, hooray!

While we struggle to plow and shovel today, at least someone is enjoying the snow...


  1. Good luck digging out!! (and thanks for the goofball Fern photos - too cute!)

  2. HAHA! Reminds me of this little fella:

    1. Oh my gosh, that is amazing! Thank you for sharing! Fern was also looking for rodents under the snow, but she's not quite as graceful :)

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