Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Make It Yours via Etsy

Last week while browsing Pinterest I came across this image from Modern Thrifter. Not only do I like this little vignette, but it struck me as completely attainable due to the fact that I have spotted similar or exact versions of every piece in this photo at thrift stores numerous times over the years. I even had that little gold Tensor lamp in my shop at one point.

I popped over to Etsy to see if I could find similar pieces, and had no trouble rounding up a set. Of course these prices are higher than what you'd pay thrifting for the items yourself, but if you're like most people and do not have hours of spare time to dig scour junk shops each week, these prices may do.

1. scale model bridge kit, $5
2. starburst clock, $72.75
3. orange shell chair, $50
4. mid century walnut desk, $775
5. mid century brass lamp, $65
6. vintage ceramic vase, $40

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