Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Birdland & The City

My dad's band was playing at Birdland in Times Square last week, so we seized the opportunity to drive to the city and spend a few days with my parents. Seasonally, New York is a few weeks ahead of Vermont, and everything was in bloom. Pink blossoming trees and tulips were everywhere. I reminded me of the scene from The Wizard of Oz when the movie switches to color. I didn't bring my nice camera, but was able to get a few good shots on my iPhone thanks to Instagram.

Images above (left to right):
  • Pink blossoming tree in Central Park
  • View from our hotel room
  • Native American Museum / I wanted to check out the rugs & textiles
  • Dinner with old friends 
  • Yellowjackets playing at Birdland / That's my talented daddy-o at the piano
  • Mannequin forms at Parsons New School for Design / I met my friend Marie there to be fitted for the wedding dress she is making for me. She was nice enough to fit my muslin dress between trying to complete multiple homework projects.
  • Pet Stylist sign on the upper west side / Riley and Fern have never been to the stylist. Clearly I have been remiss with my hired out pet pampering duties.
  • Flowers in Central Park

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