Monday, April 15, 2013

Weaving a Scarf

This week at weaving class I used the same warp thread already on the loom and continued on with a simple scarf. In a typical Claire move, I chose a simple black thread to weave crosswise through the white and blue warp thread, creating the most boring pattern possible. In retrospect I should have picked a brighter color that would provide a little more interest and show up in pictures. Oh well, live and learn! My scarf uses the most basic of plain weave techniques, where I alternated the 1 & 3 then 2 & 4 foot peddles while shooting the weft (crosswise) thread through with the shuttle. My scarf basically looks like what you see below, with the exception of three dark turquoise stripes on each end for some detail.

↓ Pressing the peddles, aka treddles. 
↓ The shuttle sliding through with the blue weft thread.
↓ Close up of the blue weft thread carried through by the shuttle.
↓ As the weft fills in, the scarf is wrapped around a bar on the bottom of the loom.
↓ Using a manual winder to refill the weft thread bobbin (the bobbin sits inside the shuttle).
↓ My weaving teacher's goofy Golden, Copper, is there every step of the way to keep us company :)
↓ When the weaving was complete for the scarf, we cut it from the loom.

After removing the scarf and sample piece, we sprayed the thread with water. My homework this week is to dry the scarf in the dryer for about 5 minutes, cut the sample from the scarf, then twist and knot the fringe at the ends to create a completed piece. Next week we will start on Navajo rug style weaving, which is what I am really interested in. Progress!


  1. your dedication and patience is impressive! My eldest sister weaved (wove???) for years in Colorado, it looks so complicated! :)

    ps. my husband and I lived in St. Albans, VT for a couple years, I couldn't take the snow and small town life anymore, we live in Phoenix now.

  2. Thanks Catherine! It *is* more complicated than I originally thought, but hopefully once I do it more things will start to make sense. St. Albans to Phoenix, what a switch!

  3. Once you get the weaving bug watch out! I've just starting weaving rugs and will probably run out of floor room in my little house before long. I've also got two 5' triangle looms, a couple of rigid heddles looms, and lots of small square and triangles to have for traveling.

    Keep on treadling!

  4. Kathy, sounds like you've got quite a setup! I am really looking forward to starting on rugs, though I think I will need to buy a floor loom before long if I really want to do it right. For now, we're still working on samples to get my feet wet. I can see how it becomes addictive, though. Thanks for the encouragement & good luck with your weaving!