Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekly Etsy Wish List: Our Wedding

I realize that in saying this I sound like the grinch of all grinches, but I'm not a big one for weddings. I don't know why, but I just never got swept away in it. I never dreamed about my wedding day, never planned what colors I would have or looked at bridal magazines. The only thing I really knew is that I don't want a big production.

After Josh & I got engaged last spring the inevitable questions started to come. Have you set a date? Did you buy a dress? Are you registered somewhere? For the past year my my answer has always been, "Nope!" Eventually, though, we had to get down to brass tacks, and a few of the details are starting to come together. Here's what we've planned so far: Our wedding is going to be incredibly small, with immediate family and one close friend each. We'll stand under the old apple tree in our yard and Josh's grandmother will marry us right there. I'll wear a plain white dress made by my friend Marie. Josh will build some picnic tables and a pergola next to our fire pit in the yard for the reception/dinner. We'll decorate with flowers from the yard. I am hoping for roasted marshmallows around the fire pit after dinner. We don't have a registry, but will set up a charity donation with Heifer International in lieu of gifts. I don't want fancy pots and pans or new dishes, I'd rather buy them myself at the thrift store for $2 and save trash from going in the landfill.

Now that we've got some details narrowed down I've made a Pinterest board for inspiration and today I've gathered together a group of items on Etsy that I think capture the spirit of what we are trying to achieve. I was worried that the wedding might take on a life of its own and eventually I'd throw my hands up and ask Josh if we could just elope, but I am actually starting to get excited about a few of the things we've planned. Maybe it won't be so bad after all ;-)

White Evelyn Dress, $160 Apple Tree Photo, $30 String Lights, $224
. . .

Barn Photograph, $25 Wine Barrel, $65 Blue Ball Jar, $8
. . .

Pergola, $3,000 Wedding Sign, $76 Reclaimed Wood Tables, $850


  1. Every Wedding needs a pergola. Great selection. It looks like you're on the way to the big day.

  2. We would love to elope, but somehow it seems selfish to deny our families the chance to share that. Your set up sounds like a good way to go for those who aren't fans of big weddings!

  3. Beautiful! Congradulations and thank you for writing your blog!