Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Etsy Wish List: Palm Springs

For whatever reason I've got Palm Springs on the brain this week. It's that time of year when we all feel that it should be warm by now, that we deserve a break after everything winter has put us through, and yet the cold days just keep dragging on. Yesterday we were in the 40s in Vermont, whereas Palm Springs had a high of 92.

Call me crazy, but I'm longing for the intense heat of stepping into a car that's been baking in an unshaded spot too long. I'm getting nostalgic about the scent of sunblock and running quickly on a pool deck with bare feet because the ground is just too hot, which brings me to the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. For the past few years I've read review after rave review about the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, and I've added it to my bucket list to stay there at some point. From what I can gather it's got a retro/boho/mid century vibe, a huge pool, bingo nights, and pets are allowed throughout the hotel, even in the pool area. How fun is that? When Josh and I took a road trip from LA to Arizona last summer, we spent a night in Palm Springs on the way through, and I suggested the Ace. He thought it looked too "hipstery" so I relented, knowing that it should only be experienced with someone who will appreciate the vintage furniture and the west coast vibe. Maybe there's a Palm Springs girls trip in the future....

Palm Trees Art Photo, $30 Morning Swim Art Photo, $20 Ace Hotel Sign Art Photo, $24
. . .

Pink Rancher Print, $60 Cat Eye Sunglasses, $19 Desert Collage, $13.50
. . .

Joshua Tree Art Print, $15 Architectural Photo, $20 Day at the Pool Photo, $14

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  1. Oh, I wish I was in Palm Springs right now! Thanks for including my "Pink Rancher" with all your PS goodness. Have a great weekend!