Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3 Dogs

Things have been a little nuts since I returned from NYC Monday night. Josh left early Tuesday morning to volunteer at a summer camp for kids all week, so I am holding down the fort with Fern, Riley, and Mocha, a dog we are sitting while her owner is away.

Fern must have been bit by something or stuck her nose into a poisonous plant, because she has a giant open oozing sore on her muzzle that is bleeding everywhere as she tries to scratch it and rub it on the furniture. I took her to the vet first thing yesterday morning and got some meds, so hopefully it will calm down soon.

Riley just started doing the intermittent lameness thing again that happened last year when he had Lyme disease, and I'm worried he's contracted it again. Both dogs received Lyme vaccines this year, but the vaccine is not a guarantee. Riley will need to be tested again. The thought of putting him on heavy duty antibiotics again breaks my heart. He was sick for an entire month while completing the round last time. I would like to look into holistic treatments for Lyme, but at the same time I know this disease is not something to mess around with or take too much time before treating. Have any of you had success treating Lyme in dogs without heavy antibiotics?

Mocha is a sweetheart, but doesn't listen to me and makes a run for the driveway every chance she gets, so I have to keep a close eye on her and have her on a leash at all times when we are outside.

And so I am wrangling a dog with a bleeding muzzle, a dog who tries to run away, and a dog shaking in the corner from joint paint this week while I try to package orders in the shop that need to go out and finish house projects. This may be a light blog posting week for me, at least until Josh returns. Thanks for understanding!


  1. sweets, i feel for you, i really do. dog problems eat at you inside since they can't really tell you what's going on. stay calm and relaxed 'cause i swear they read your emotions, and know you'll get through it. xo.

  2. It's so hard when the pups are hurting! I have a hound/cocker spaniel mix with insane allergies (not even sure what exactly he is allergic to...). I have to keep him on steroids (and antibiotics when his allergies flare up). While it keeps him comfy, I always worry about long term side effects. It breaks my heart, too. Your dogs are obviously in great hands. Lucky for them, they found a human willing to love them and take care of them.

    p.s. love your shop :)

  3. I hope your pups feel better soon!

  4. oh yuck! That doesn't sound fun at all. Mine has hip pain/trembling issues and I feel so helpless. I am so sorry you have to go through this.
    If you end up having to put a cone on Fern, I have had good luck with these, and they last for years:

  5. Thank you all for the kind words! We are doing a little better this afternoon. Fern's nose is still super raw but it has stopped bleeding. I've got Mocha hooked up to the laundry line with a harness and carabiner so she can wander while I work outside without being able to take off.

    Casey -- I'd be curious to know what kind of symptoms your dog has from allergies and at what age you noticed them start.

    Thanks all!

  6. Scout's allergies manifest via skin irritation--when he has a flare-up, he scratches himself raw. Poor guy. He is about 5 yrs old now and I can remember first noticing them when he was about a year old maybe ...hard to remember because we have been battling them for so long now! He has also had some bowel issues (not very common for him) that the vet thinks were also due to the allergies. I feed him a venison and potato kibble now and bathe him once every week or so with a medicated shampoo (in addition to the meds). He is high maintenance! But he is a sweetie, so I am happy to take care of him :)

  7. Thanks for the info Casey. Fern is just about a year old. I am really hoping this is not the start of an ongoing problem for her. The sore looks so uncomfortable. I may look into other foods for her as well - thanks for mentioning that. We will do anything to make our girl comfortable :)

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