Friday, August 23, 2013

Garden Pizza

Our tomatoes are finally ripening in the garden, and I was able to cook with them for the first time last night. Using a few small Sungold tomatoes, one large Brandywine tomato, and a bunch of basil from the garden, I made a simple "garden" pizza for dinner.

I added tomato sauce (hopefully we will be canning our own soon), thin mozzarella slices, garlic, and kalamata olives to the mix.

It turned out to be a very tasty combination, one I would recommend to anyone. By using a gluten free crust and thin slices of mozzarella instead of layers and layers of shredded cheese, we keept the pizza on the healthier side while still getting great flavor.

It feels really good to be cooking from the garden, and I can't wait to do more of it as our other veggies ripen. We have at least a dozen squash growing, a pumpkin, lots of cucs, pole beans, cauliflower, tons of greens, and will have more tomatoes than we can eat in a few weeks. We are planning to make lots of tomato sauce and butternut squash soup to can. We are also planning to pickle a few of the green tomatoes with a recipe Josh found. The way the cucumbers are growing we'll need to pickle a batch of those soon as well. Already we can't keep up with them. I'm excited to try pickling and canning for the first time this year. Lots of good things to come :)