Monday, August 12, 2013

Back in Action

Hello everyone! I'm sorry about the radio silence over the past week. We were both out of town for a while, and then when we got back we were so busy there wasn't time to write.

We're finally back in action with house remodeling, so today I have some progress photos to share! As usual, nothing is finished, but we are making some serious headway and I think I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Our insane To Do Before Our Wedding at Our House list is getting smaller little by little. The wedding is in 5 weeks, and we will be working like crazy people until then.

Josh's mom came again to help (God bless you Melanie) and we tackled painting the lattice I have been avoiding and dreading for the past 2 months. It's not 100% done, but getting very close. Getting into the nooks and crannies of the lattice is super tedious, so I have to do small sections at a time. We are painting it completely by hand, making this a project I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Josh started adding the posts for our kitchen garden fence a few days ago. They will be leveled out and rails will be added later this week. The tops will be sawed off at the end for an even fence line, then we will add a gate and paint everything white. Once the fence is up we'll set to work building the raised beds and planting a few late season veggies.

While I worked on sanding, cleaning, and reglazing the salvaged windows we'll install on the covered porch, Josh began adding rough cut shiplap siding on the front of the house. Large sections of our siding had to be removed to accommodate the new windows, and now we are filling them back in. The bare boards you see in the photos below will be painted red to match the house, and windows with white trim will be added in the four large openings on the front as well as four openings on the side not visible in the photo. My green doors will be installed as well.

We have dedicated the next three days to house remodeling, so hopefully I will be back with more progress photos tomorrow and Wednesday. We're at a point where things are starting to move fast, and it is super exciting. I can't wait to see how this all turns out!

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