Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Natural Wood Napkin Rings

For Thanksgiving this year I decided to DIY a few pieces for the table, including a set of natural wood napkin rings made from a tree branch cut from the yard. They turned out well, so I have broken out the 7 DIY steps for creating your own set of 8 rings.

What you'll need:
Hardwood tree branch at least 2" in diameter and 16" long (use a longer branch for more rings)
Hand or electric saw
Drill and 1" drill bit
Sand paper
Hand knife
Wood oil

1. Find a hardwood tree branch at least 2" in diameter and 16" long. Use a saw to cut the branch from the tree, then trim any smaller shoots coming off your branch.

2. Use a hand knife to strip the bark from the branch by using downward strokes angled away from your body.
3. Once your branch has been debarked, measure and mark 2" sections in pencil
4. Cut your branch into 2" sections with a hand or electric saw, then give each one a good sanding with a sanding block or loose sheet of sand paper
5. Drill holes in each section with an electric drill and 1" drill bit
6. Give each ring another sanding, then rub wood oil (I used Danish Oil in Natural) on each ring with a soft cloth. Apply additional coats as needed, allowing 24 hours between coats. For a smoother finish, sand the rings between each coat with 000 steel wool or 320 grit sandpaper.

7. Let your rings dry for 48 hours before use.


  1. these are so pretty, claire! I'm so impressed with your handiwork.

  2. Thanks Mo! I've been reading your blog as well & quite enjoying it :)