Monday, January 7, 2013

Dan Reisinger

Some time ago I found a vintage poster at Goodwill marked Dan Reisinger, and not knowing what I had, hung it on the wall and forgot about it. Flash forward a few years to a new house in Vermont where bright, graphic, mid century prints don't quite fit in. I decided to sell the poster in my Etsy shop, but after doing some research discovered that I've had quite a nice find on my hands all this time.

Reisinger was born in Yugoslavia in 1934 to artist parents, and went on to design beautiful posters, logos, corporate identities, environmental design, and paintings. The peace movement plays a large role in his designs, and I love his striking color combinations and the clean but whimsical feel of his work. I especially love the series of travel posters he created for Israeli airline El Al in the late '60s to early '70s. All images below were gathered from Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: all images are for viewing only; reproduction is not permitted


  1. I like his style! It's a bold choice literally and figuratively for El Al for their posters. In comparison, the airlines nowadays could use some "different" styles for their campaign other than trying to dazzle us to death with landscape pictures.

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