Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scenes from VT Route 106

Our drive to town this morning was perfect for snapping a few shots of the winter landscape. After two weeks of frequent storms, the rolling hills and farms that define the area are now blanketed with a few feet of snow, and it is really something to see.

Our house is in Reading, a rural town with small farms nestled into hillsides and valleys off country roads. Weathered old barns and white farmhouses are the norm. A ten minute drive north on the main road out of town puts us in South Woodstock, an enclave of traditional old brick homes settled around the beautiful Kedron Vally Inn and tavern. A brook runs under an old stone bridge at the center of town. Another ten minute drive north delivers us to the center of Woodstock (population 3,300) where we can do errands and eat out.

The shots here are from our drive through Reading and South Woodstock on Route 106, with the last photo of the brick house taken in Woodstock Village. Enjoy the scenery!