Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Thrifting is Finally Good

Not being able to source enough stock for the shop has been one of my main concerns since moving to Vermont. For the first few months I just wasn't finding dependable places to source vintage. In Boston I knew exactly where to go, how to get there, and what to expect when I arrived, but up here there isn't a true thrift store for miles and miles around. Sure, there are plenty of antique stores selling country primitives for thousands of dollars, but that's not the kind of thing I'm after.

Online searches weren't turning up much, either, so I finally just started asking around. Jackpot. Turns out most of the good thrifting spots around here aren't online. You can't look them up, you just have to know where they are. After grilling my bargain hunting neighbor and the clerk at the post office, I got a few leads that have panned out pretty well. I now have a handful of dependable spots in my back pocket, and am hitting my thrifting stride.

Yesterday I went out for a few hours and came back with a car full of treasures, a few of which are pictured above. I'm planning another outing for Saturday, so with any luck will be listing all kinds of great finds in the shop by Sunday evening [breathes a big sigh of relief].


  1. Found your blog via DesignSponge. I love your style! I am currently living in boston and would love love love to hear your list of favorite thrifting spots!

  2. I haven't been able to figure out how to search for thrift stores in my area either. There are tons of fantastic yard and church sales in the spring and summer but I only know of 2 year-round indoor actual thrift stores, rather than the "country antiques" type places...

    I'm in RI - any chance you'd share a Boston tip or two?

    Also looking forward to new stuff in your shop!

  3. Hi Annalee and Beth! By far the best place I found in the Boston area is the Todd Farm flea market. It's about a 45 min drive north of Boston, but completely worth the trek. They are open Sundays from March - November. TONS of treasures at great prices. The Cambridge Antique Mall is also a good spot -- 5 floors of dealer spaces. Other than that I just hit up all the Goodwills in the immediate area -- JP, Harrison Ave in Boston, Comm Ave near BU, Central Square in Camb, Davis Square, Southie. The Harrison Ave store is giant and also has an outlet space with even better deals, but check the hours as they are different from the regular thrift store. Lastly, Urban Renewals in Allston on Brighton Ave is great. Good luck!