Friday, February 1, 2013

Basement Remodel, Part 3

It's slow going, but we are making progress in the basement. This week the drywall went up, and yesterday Josh applied tape to the seams, corner brackets, and the first coat of mud. We're planning to install a wood plank ceiling, and the lumber was also ordered this week. Progress! Below are some images of what it looked like yesterday when I pulled out the camera. 

↑ The electrical panel will be framed with a nicer wood and a door added for the look of a custom built-in wall cabinet.

↑ The 2x4s on the ceiling are furrings we installed so that the wood plank ceiling can be added without interfering with the plumbing pipes.


  1. What color do you plan to paint the ceiling with? Wood plank ceilings always turn out great in white! Personally though, you will have a warm and inviting ambience as long as the ceiling is in the opposite shade of the floor. How’s the basement looking now? :]

  2. Hi Kristopher, thanks for your comment! I agree with you that white plank ceilings look great, but we actually stained the planks a light golden oak. I took some pictures and will post them on the blog next week. We are thinking a simple grayish slate tile for the floor. Can't wait to finish & share the pics!

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