Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Basement Remodel, Part 4

I finally have a few good images to show for all our work in the basement! (Here's what it looked like before) We've mudded, primed, and painted the walls, and are in the process of installing the wood plank ceiling after sanding, pretreating, and staining all the boards. Josh also installed recessed light fixtures in the hall and inside the den/office (shown above). Once the planks are all installed, we will add trim around the edge to cover the seams. A wood door for the electrical panel (shown below in its unfinished state) and a new frame and pane for the small window (now covered with insulation to keep the draft out) are also still in the works.

We found a nice pair of french doors at a flea market and are planning to use those between the bedroom and office/den. Before they can be installed we need to replace the hinges, clean the knob hardware, prime, and paint them. I have removed the hardware am now in the process of priming the first door as shown below. They look like a mess now, but once I clean up the primer smudged on the glass panes with a razor and get a coat of white paint on them I think they will be really nice.

And last but not least, we've finally decided what to do with the floor. We've gone back and forth between several ideas, including slate tile and bamboo floors, but have finally settled on polished concrete and nice area rugs. We both really like the look and natural color of polished, sealed concrete, and though we will have to hire someone to grind it down, in the end it will be much less work for us than tiling or laying down floor boards and less expensive to boot. I am hoping we can find a transparent treatment with just a hint of green in it. The floor polishers are scheduled to come in two weeks, so hopefully I will have some great "after" pics to share!


  1. you may already know this, but....there are also colors that can be mixed into the concrete diriectly and therefore permanently part of the floor. YOu can go light or very vibrant (a friend has cobalt blue!).
    I just wanted to mention it in case you don't know. Good luck with your floors! I'm madly jealous!

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  9. Well done! I love all the changes made. You have a knack for finishing basements =)