Saturday, February 2, 2013

M.OSS design

Last week I discovered M.OSS design, a Dutch lamp company owned and operated by the talented Marcel Ossendrijver. Marcel designs and builds every lamp in his shop, and his pieces boast clean, architectural lines and spot-on color palettes. He uses solid beech wood to construct his lamp bases, and the shades are ceramic, hand cast in molds and painted by Marcel in his light filled studio.

After a few days of admiring Marcel's work, I decided to find out if he would be interested in sharing his creative process and the story behind his shop. He graciously accepted, and below I'm happy to share our interview:

Little Dog: Tell me about how you came to start M.OSS design.

Marcel: I started making disco lamps when I was 13. I was always creative and fascinated with wood. I started making the wood and ceramic lamps about a year ago, and received so many positive comments that I decided to start M.OSS design.  

Little Dog: What is your design process like? How long does it take you to perfect each piece?

Marcel: I start by making the lampshades from clay in a mold, then let them dry for a few days. Next I make the bases from solid beech wood. Electricity is the last step. Every lamp is handmade and slightly different.

Little Dog: I love your shade colors. How did you come up with your palette?

Marcel: The shades are hand painted and finished with eggshell. I use the Farrow & Ball paint collection.

Little Dog: How long does it take you to make each lamp?

Marcel: 3-4 hours

Little Dog: What artists/eras/design inspire you?

Marcel:  I love Scandinavian design from the early 50s through today. I love Muuto and Hay.

Little Dog: Where can people purchase your lamps?

Marcel: I have an Etsy shop and I sell in a few stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, with more coming soon. I'll be working on the American market in the future.

Thank you Marcel!

For more on Marcel, check out his Etsy shop or visit the M.OSS design Facebook page.


Photos by Marlou Fotographie

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  1. Oh that is so neat! I love his aesthetic, and I can see why it appealed to you!