Sunday, August 25, 2013

Covered Porch Update

We've been making steady progress on the covered porch build out this week, and all of the windows are now in and trimmed out on the inside and outside of the porch.

Next we will tackle framing and installing the two doors, add trim above the windows to tie them all together, then install horizontal wood planks below and above the windows to make the "walls". Our goal is to have all of the woodwork done by next weekend in time for Josh's parents arrival. His parents have graciously offered to help with the house again, and we figured painting the porch would be the most effective use of extra hands if we can get all the woodworking done in time. Painting is one of those things where many hands make light work, and with four people we should be able to whip it into shape over the weekend.

But now, a few photos of our progress from this week...

Trimmed out windows on the inside of the porch ↓

Window trim as viewed from the outside ↓

Can't wait to get this all painted, add our sage green doors, and lots of potted plants. By the end of next weekend we should be well on our way!

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