Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Covered Porch Windows

I am so proud of this husband-to-be of mine. This week he installed four large windows along the front of our covered porch, and trimmed them out on both the interior and exterior of the house. We still have four smaller windows to install on the porch sides, but these large front facing windows were the most difficult and time consuming. We keep going down there to stare at the windows and take in the new space. It is so neat to finally get a sense for how the space might feel when it is done. We are getting so excited!

Below, the inside of the porch, showing the molding and windows that turn our once gaping holes into a large bay window. Trim still needs to be added on the top of the molding and rough cut wood planks will be added as wall siding. We are planning to paint the window trim white and leave the wood siding natural.

The unpainted window trim on the outside looks like this right now.

Those of you have been following along may remember the space looking like this a few weeks ago.

On a separate note, Riley and Fern are doing much better. Fern had to go on steroids to reduce the swelling on her nose, but it worked well and she is on the mend. I only hope the issue doesn't return when she goes off prednisone. Now that the sore has gone down I feel like I can finally share this picture. If you are squeamish, I urge you to close the tab now.

This is your last chance to turn back.

Ok, you asked for it.

I know. Crazy, right? Like a brain on her nose. Really hoping this allergy does not make repeat appearances.

Riley is still having occasional issues with his back leg, but I am realizing these episodes are different from his Lyme episodes. With Lyme the lameness would move from leg to leg, but recently it is specifically on his back right hip where he compensates for an old injury. Josh has been doing a little chiropractic muscle work on him, and we're giving him lots of nutritional supplements for joints, ligaments, and muscles. I still plan to get him tested for Lyme at his annual physical in a few weeks, but in the meantime I am less concerned. Phew. Pet medical issues are the worst.

Tomorrow we are headed to Boston to spend time with family and hit up my favorite flea market, Todd Farm, on the way home. I'll be back Sunday or Monday with flea market photos and updates from the weekend. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Your fiancee is the bestest of the best. He did an excellent job on those windows.
    You are right about doggie problems. Right now, both of mine have cancer. One is a Sheltie the other is a tweenie Dachshund. i love them both so much. Giving them the best quality of life until it is no longer quality. They are doing good. Some days are better than others. Anyway, take care of your little fur babies and i will do the same for mine. God bless.

  2. Louise - I am so sorry to hear about your pups! I hope they continue to do well and have great quality of life. They are lucky to have you taking care of them :)