Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photography Experiments

Good morning! The light was so nice this morning I had to snap a shot. The fog burns off by 9 am or so, but the early mornings are so beautiful.

Josh's best friend Dorey, who is an excellent photographer, is staying with us for a few days, and I've been picking his brain for photography tips. Last night we played around with the settings on my camera and took some shots late at night outside the house.

The below shot was taken at 9:30 pm when it was completely dark out. Only the light of the moon was used to expose the photo. This shot was taken with ISO 800, Aperture 3.5, and a shutter speed of 20 seconds. Leaving the shutter open that along allowed the camera's sensor to absorb 20 seconds worth of moonlight, which lit up the front of the house and made the sky blue instead of black. The focus is not great, but I still thought it was neat to get this kind of picture in the dark.

We also played around with a flashlight, making letters in the air while the shutter stayed open for 20 or 30 seconds. VT for Vermont!

This morning we are going to work on fence for the retaining wall garden, and later this week we will install the side windows and doors on the covered porch. Josh finished rough framing the side windows and doors yesterday, and here's where we're at now:

It still looks pretty rough, but it will come together rather quickly. At least that's what we're telling ourselves. I'll be back with progress shots soon!


  1. I LOVE the first picture! Nicely done with the star-y one too.

  2. Beautiful Pictures. Thanks for sharing !!!!!
    Niv Borsuk