Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Dog Dog Goes to Brimfield: May 2013 Edition

Oh, Brimfield, you never disappoint. I thrifted all day Thursday and Friday at the antique show, and now have an entire truck bed full of goodies. Some will be listed in the Etsy shop and the others I am collecting for a vintage sale scheduled for this summer.

My haul included:

  • 5 lamps
  • 5 rugs
  • 1 Hudson Bay blanket
  • 2 antique brass drawer knobs to complete a box refinishing project
  • 1 Saltillo blanket
  • 1 patchwork quilt
  • 7 wood boxes
  • 1 industrial step stool
  • 2 metal tool cabinets
  • 1 industrial rolling cart
  • 1 model boat
  • 7 flags from various countries
  • 1 vintage sign
  • 2 lamp shades

Trends I noticed this year included:

  • Lots of brass/copper light fixtures
  • Even more industrial pieces than last year (especially lighting & work tables)
  • Slightly less mid century and danish modern than I've seen in the past
  • A significant reduction in the amount of ornate traditional and Victorial style furniture
  • Gass station lights up the wazoo

Here are a few photos snapped with my iPhone during the show of items that caught my eye.

↓ Wall of suitcases

↓ Industrial floor lamps

↓ Awesome work table

↓ Tons of copper

↓ Mint green wall clocks & mirrored industrial lights

↓ Great file drawers & Eames chairs

↓ General awesomeness in a giant tent

↓ Lamps like these were everywhere

↓ Giant birdhouse

↓ An average booth setup at Brimfield

↓ A typical row looks like this. Multiply this by at least 1,000 and you will start to understand the expanse of the show. It is *amazing* but can be absolutely overwhelming.

Tomorrow I am off to an estate sale outside Boston then a bit of errand running before a family dinner. On Sunday we'll hit up Todd Farm before heading home to Vermont.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Such a FUN adventure!! I was at Brimmy on thursday (my B-day) with my best friend, we live in CT. I now go 3 times a year and it never fails to impress me. Glad you love it too! Are the flags you got a small set on hand held poles? I think I saw them....


  2. Sue, isn't Brimfield the best? Lots of people must think so, because they travel LOOONG distances to get there. The flags I got are actually large and not on poles. Wouldn't it be crazy if you had somehow seen the exact items I purchased in the giant Brimfield expanse of stuff?! Just checked out your shop - nice stuff there! Heading over to look at your blog now :) Happy thrifting!